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Grammarly alternative for the German Language

Grammarly is a tool that helps people to write English content better through correcting grammar mistakes, punctuation marks, and also improving the content by suggesting to eliminate duplicate and redundant words. We got checked from Grammarly even while we are writing this blog post :)

Now we would like to share services similar to Grammarly but for the German language:


LanguageTool is the first alternative that comes to mind, which is easy-to-use and has a user-friendly service. It doesn't support only the German language but also supports more than 25 different languages. There are two versions of the service free and premium (except developer API version). With the free option, you can use the service up to 20.000 characters. On the other hand, premium allows you to use up to 40.000 characters. Another significant difference point of the premium package is providing an add-on for Microsoft Word. Both versions have Firefox and Chrome extensions, which you can use on any website. Premium version costs €4.92 when you subscribe monthly basis. You can find more information here about the pricing of LanguageTool.


Duden-Mentor is another alternative that looks pretty decent as an online spell checker. Duden-Mentor focused on only the German language. You can use the service up to 800 characters per check without an account. With a basis account, service can be used up to 1500 characters. Additionally, the basis account has regional settings for Austria and Switzerland. Also, the basis account has a store feature for personal vocabulary list up to 10 words. There are two types of premium accounts that Premium 20 and Premium 40. Premium 20 costs 9,95 € with providing up to 20.000 characters per check while Premium 40 package costs 14,95 € up to 40.000 characters per check. Both of them has the same features and unlimited vocabulary list.


It's also another similar service for spell/grammar check and readability analysis. Guest and free accounts allow us to use the service up to 20.000 characters and free account additionally have pdf creation support as well as loading text from pdf, doc, and docx documents. Premium subscription of the service redirects to LanguageTool website, which we mentioned as the first service above. It might be an affiliation of LanguageTool since their subscription types look similar.


GermanCorrector is another service that highlights spelling and grammar errors and offers suggestions for improvement. It doesn't provide any premium package, and they said that "This service is free and will also be free in the feature". The tool itself earns money from Google Ads. Besides this, they accept donations via Paypal. They also support 8 different languages with several domains.

Those are the four different services that we could find and have tried as Grammarly alternative. If you would like to add another service that we missed, please feel free to reach us from any of our social media accounts so we can learn from you and update the list.

Feel free to share this blog post with your friends who are interested in writing German better.

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