Reading service for language learners

Elreader is a small service to bring the joy of reading to language learners. Bring any content you like to read and start learning.

Learn faster

Everything you need to learn by reading

Elreader allows you to pick up a new language by learning in the context. Currently available languages are English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Portuguese.

Vocabulary Tracking

Mark words as known, learning, or ignored and let Elreader changes word colors accordingly.

Translate Words

Translate words by simply clicking it. You can also mark them according to your knowledge level.

Translate Sentences

Translate sentences by clicking the gray line just below the original sentence. It's way easier to understand phrases.

Generated Audio

Click the sound icon to play auto-generated audio for sentences. The sound is almost natural!

Vocabulary Review

Improve your vocabulary knowledge by visiting the review page and having multiple-choice tests.

Ebook Upload

You can either create a document using a raw text or uploading epub & pdf files up to 50 MB.

Simple pricing, no commitment

Start reading today for free, then upgrade to a paid plan to get unlimited access to all features. No credit card required.